Monday, February 15, 2016

Love Does Some Funny Things

After a weekend filled with a college visit, basketball games, a huge Valentine's date, a make-shift Valentine's date because Indiana weather is awful, sledding, and drives to haunted places, I didn't really think I'd have much time to read this weekend.

But (like any bookworm), I made time to read.  Between long car rides and possible nap times, I grabbed Love Does by Bob Goff--a book that my brother recently gave me.  Bob Goff is an engaging guy who retells his stories of love, patience, and perseverance.

For Bob, each day turns into a hilarious, meaningful chance to make his faith simple and real.  He tells stories of his 3-year pursuit to get his wife to date him, the time he became the Ugandan consul, and when he got turned down for law school so he sat outside of the dean's office for a week until they let him enroll.

Bob has had an interesting, full life.  But for every crazy, quirky thing he's done, there's been a single driving force behind it--love.  But Bob doesn't believe that love stops at thoughts and feelings.  He believes that love takes action.

So if you're someone (like me) who wants a quick, low-stress read that turns out to be hilarious and enticing, pick up a copy of Love Does.  You may end up laughing out loud and considering the amazing things that God does when we are patient and let love do its thing.

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