Sunday, January 10, 2016

4 Things I Want to See in The 5th Wave

When I first saw the trailer for The 5th Wave, I knew I had to see it because of Chloe Grace Moretz (I mean come on, she's perfect!)  But I wasn't so sure about reading the book--that is until one of my friends read it first.  This weekend, she brought the book to my house (unannounced) and told me that I absolutely had to read it right away.

And she was right.  This book was incredible, to say the least.  I was expecting a boring sci-fi novel, but I couldn't have been more wrong.  The 5th Wave gripped me, shook me around, and spit me up.  I may also need to add the fact that I finished this book in 2 days.

So when I go see the movie in the near future, I'm expecting most of the aspects of the book to be included in the movie.  Obviously, I'm not hoping for perfection--they're going to have to leave some parts out for the sake of time.  But my expectations are that of the Harry Potter movies (I'm really just praying that it doesn't turn out as bad as The Mortal Instruments movie did--yikes!)  Here are the 4 definite things that I hope to see in The 5th Wave's movie adaptation:

1. Ben Parish.  I know that someone super cute is picked out to play this character, so I'm super pumped about that.  I'm also interested to see how much they include his character.  I mean, Cassie is obsessed with him, and I hope that comes across clearly in the film.

2. A clearer ending.  I'm not about posting any spoilers, so I won't say much about the ending.  But I (and many other readers on Goodreads) were really confused about the ending.  Hopefully, the movie will clear things up.

3. Sequels! There is a second book in the series, and a third (and final) one confirmed.  I hope that this movie is good enough to continue the series, otherwise, I'll be left with a sad, lonely void.

4. Deaths.  I know it sounds morbid, but I fully expect every death that happened in the book to happen in the movie.  The losses that Cassie deals with in the book are the main reason she continues to fight.  So I hope the movie doesn't sugarcoat the situation.  I want to feel scared and hopeless and really, really upset.

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