Wednesday, August 26, 2015

An Introduction to The Book Report

Welcome to my very first (and probably most poorly written) blog post for The Book Report.  Thanks for clicking my link and giving me a chance!!

Ever since my first day of kindergarten, I have loved the world of books.  My grandparents took me to the public library twice a week, where I would check out several Junie B. Jones books at a time and finish them before I got home that night.  From there, I delved into several fictional worlds through books like Harry Potter and Paper Towns.  I've been reading ever since.

In a society filled with television and e-books, you rarely find a person who can understand the thrill of picking up an actual book.  If you're looking for someone who appreciates the beauty of ink on paper and the antiquated appeal of a book that's clearly been read several times over, keep reading.

This blog will (hopefully):
   1. Dive into specific novels (whether they be classic or contemporary) and discuss literary devices, social issues, etc. within the novel.
   2. Suggest new or uncommon books to check out.
   3. Discuss the issues of technology in our society--specifically in terms of its effect on local book shops and libraries.
   4. Discuss why reading is pertinent for everyone.
   5. Any topics that may be seen as relevant or need to be discussed at the time.

I won't lie--my blog is here primarily because I wanted to get an A in my elective class.  But my blog is also here in hopes of finding others that love and appreciate good, old-fashioned books.

Thanks for reading, come back again soon :)